Organic Colour

A BettBlond Hair. Beautiful Woman with Straight Long Hairer Way To Colour Your Hair

You’ve never heard of Organic Colour Care? You’re not alone. Rita La Victoire is one of the few hair stylists in Vancouver certified in and using the clean colour system.

Far from a gimmick or trendy new product, Rita came to choose this line of colour for personal reasons.

She has grey.

Touching up her hair every three or four weeks had Rita worried. What was she putting on her head? Everyone needs to make the choice that’s best for them and if a gentler form of colour – the cleanest one available on the market, that is strong enough to colour the grey – is something you’re interested in, contact Rita and ask her about her experiences with Organic Colour Care.

What was it that attracted Rita to this product line?

It was the simple fact that it works and it reduces the concerns of traditional colour ingredients, plus you avoid that nasty odor so often associated with colouring your hair.  With fewer chemicals, this is one of the only products low in PTDs (like Diamine Toluenes), containing no ammonia or sulphates.

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